Fasano and Gardone Riviera

Our B&B is located in the hamlet of Fasano Sopra, the town of Gardone Riviera, about 30 km from Brescia.

The hillside location but central makes the ideal quiet place to relax, while remaining very close to the main places of interest and beaches on Lake Garda (for more information: What to visit).

At the bottom of our website is available a map for any needs.

Local History

Fasano: overlooking the most charming AREA of Lake Garda, for its incomparable location, the variety and splendor of the vegetation determined by the mild climate, Fasano is the most suitable place to spend a lovely holiday, surrounded by nature and culture. It is located about halfway up the western shore of Lake Garda, in the Alto Garda Preserved Park, in the heart of the area known as "The Garden of Eden of Lake Garda". Fasano is certainly known for its proximity to the Vittoriale, but the ancient village is to discover also for its incomparable hills dominated by cypress and olive trees, for the little valleys where streams gushes among the maidenhairs, the lemon tree gardens and the olive tree groves. It is the only village that historians indicate existing since the time of the Romans. Dominated by the Lombards from the 6th century, later on the history of Fasano will be tied to the fate of Salò and other towns of the Riviera.

Gardone Riviera: of ancient origins, Gardone became an important center during the Lombard occupation, in the Middle ages, when the mighty fortress was built. Later, in 1426 it became part of the Venetian territories.The continuing conflict subsided with the unification of Italy, and finally Gardone could think of its economic and tourism development, thanks to the managerial skills of a Viennese engineer, Ludwig Wimmer. From 1921 to 1938 Gabriele D'Annunzio chose Gardone as his final resting place, and built the incredible citadel-museum called "The Vittoriale".